Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consist of volunteer Navy Spouses who believe in the mission of the organization and the need for spouse-to-spouse mentorship. These volunteers donate much of their time to raising funds, editing and creating publications, and sharing their experiences with other spouses.

Chairman: Mrs. Leanna McCollum
Vice Chairman: Mrs. Diane D. Muilenburg
Secretary: Mrs. Melanie Farr
Treasurer: Mrs. Kristen Trussler

Advisor: Mrs. Dana Richardson
Advisor: Mrs. Elka Franco-Giordano
CSLC Steering Committee Director: Mrs. Bronwyn Fillion
CSLC Steering Committee Rep: Suzanne Kobelja
CMC/COB Advisory Board Chairman: Mrs. Robin Dyksterhouse  
COMPASS Director: Mrs. Rosemary Ellis
COMPASS Admin Coordinator: Mrs. Cherie Sargeant
CORE Librarian:
E-Newsletter Editor:
Fundraising Director:
Historian: Mrs. Kristi Chiaravallotti
Office Manager: Mrs. Tina Crisco
Publications Director: Mrs. Laura Bangor
Publications Distribution Director: Mrs. Gail Simpson
Publicity Director: Mrs. Tamara Calandra
Social Media Manager: Mrs. Emily Pratt
Volunteer Coordinator: Mrs. Betty Kamp
Web Manager: Mrs. Tina Crisco