CORE: Etiquette in an Instagram Age

On November 20th, CORE of Hampton Roads will be hosting a workshop to address “Etiquette in an Instagram Age.” They will discuss the in’s and out’s of social media and managing your public presence.

November 20th, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Double Tree Hotel Norfolk Airport
880 N Military Hwy Ste 1033, Norfolk, Virginia 23502
Check in begins at 6:00 p.m.

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Congratulations, Selectees!

“F5” keys all around the world got a much needed break yesterday afternoon with the release of the FY-14 Active Duty E7 Selection Board Results. This is an exciting time for thousands of sailors as they begin their transition to Chief Petty Officers. Selectee Spouses and seasoned CPO Spouses are encouraged to read the Guidelines for Spouses of Chief Petty Officers. This FamilyLine publication was written by Senior Enlisted Spouses, with help from the MCPON, his wife, and his staff, and designed to answer some of the many questions that arise during the transition and beyond.

The move from first class petty officer to chief is quite possibly the biggest step in an enlisted person’s career. This is also an important change for the spouse. The significance of a Chief’s spouse in the Navy community is that of a role model. With this advancement comes the potential for more responsibility and higher expectations of the spouse.

Often there are events, like the CPO CORE Conference in Hampton Roads on August 24th, that will also provide helpful information to make this transition easier and provide you with tools to be of service to your fellow spouses. Contact your local Fleet and Family Support Center or your local CPO Association for information on events in your area.