Many Reasons to Join Us At COMPASS

If you haven’t attended a COMPASS session, maybe this feedback from participants in Charleston will help convince you to register.

Participants were asked what was their favorite thing about COMPASS:

  • Meeting military spouses both new and old. It was informative without being overwhelming.
  • The binder! Being able to have an organized method of info.
  • Meeting other wives
  • Love the friends(meeting other spouses), food, and Chaplain talk. COMPASS was amazing!
  • I loved the maturity, organization, and lack of rank/rate for the women…it makes everyone feel equal
  • bonding with new, knowledgeable friends over good food
  • Childcare
  • New people and the Chaplain
  • The volunteers, in other words…everyone. You welcomed us like family and were always friendly, thank you.

Participants were also asked about two things they learned:

  • One of the things that had me so worried was deployment. Just hearing about it sent chills down my spine. Coming to Compass it has cleared so many of my fears and answered my questions. Thank you so much!
  • Things to do in the area and how to communicate better with everyone
  • Resources available to military families- FFSC and NMCRS
  • Emotional aspects of deployments are normal and I am really not alone and DLA
  • Moving requires a good sense of humor and deployments
  • there are many factors to consider when you move and hassles that come with housing, environments, parking and financially. Deployments can be really rough.
  • there are a lot of resources available for spouses and places to visit in Charleston
  • Checklists can be my best friend regarding deployments and moving. Healthy communication is key to maintaining sanity and healthy relationships.
  • How to PCS and remain calm and what to expect on deployment.

To learn more about COMPASS or to register for a class in your area, visit