Command Spouse Courses

The Command Spouse Leadership Course (CSLC) and the Command Master Chief / Chief of the Boat Spouse Leadership Course (CMCSLC) are intense one-week, accredited (equal to 1 semester of college credit), executive level courses for spouses of Commanding Officers, Command Master Chiefs, Chiefs of the Boat and Command Senior Chiefs en route to their first command. Conceived by Senior Navy Spouses and supported by Naval Services FamilyLine since inception, these courses run in conjunction with the Leadership Course conducted in Newport, RI. Spouses attend on official Department of the Navy orders in conjunction with their active-duty spouses’ orders to attend the Command Leadership School.

Today, volunteers from Naval Services FamilyLine provide continuing spouse involvement for the direction and guidance of the course through a CSLC Steering Committee and a CMC/COB Steering Committee of post-tour spouses. Their involvement helps the course remain aligned with current fleet issues and reflects the perspectives and challenges of command spouse leadership.

The week focuses on communication between the active duty member and his or her spouse. The roles and responsibilities of a Navy command are discussed, and the active duty member and spouse team explore choices and contributions that can be made within the command environment. Each spouse team creates a command vision statement and an associated Command Tour Charter.

The Steering Committee adapts the course to meet the ever changing environment of the Navy and the command team. Recently added is a component about social media and operational security. Role playing activities prepare the command team for handling disasters. Spouse learn leadership and management skills that will benefit the Command Team, spouses and families in the command, and the community that supports the command. This course is designed to answer questions and provide information about the command tour. Through knowledge and experienced mentors, the Command Spouse Leadership Course strives to make the command tour a rewarding experience.

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