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We are looking for volunteers for various positions including Team Leader, Mentors, and Administrative Helpers. If you are interested in becoming a Team Leader or Mentor, you must be a Navy Spouse who has been married for at least 3 years, attend the Basic COMPASS Course and Mentor Training Course. If you are interested in joining one of our teams, see below for contact information. If you don't see a location near you and have questions, feel free to CONTACT US.

Course materials are provided free-of-charge, thanks to the generosity of FamilyLine supporters and donors.

New to the Navy?  Check out these additional resources.
  • Anchors Aweigh - If a COMPASS class is not provided in your area, or you are not an active duty spouse, Anchors Aweigh provides spouses, parents and loved ones a brief overview of what to expect of the Navy life.

  • Checklist for New Military Spouses - important information for new military spouses.

  • MyNavy Family App - The first tool by the U.S. Navy developed for Navy spouses and Sailors’ families that combines authoritative information from more than two dozen websites into a single, convenient application.

  • Navy Spouse 101- an online introduction to Navy life. Sign up and search for the course "LWRW 100819".

  • Quick Tips for New Military Spouses - tips to help with military benefits.

  • Social Customs and Traditions - a free publication introducing spouses to Navy traditions and etiquette.

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