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COMPASS Program Course Outline


Heather, from Team Annapolis, demonstrates how you can become a Deployment Super Hero!

Section 1- Introduction 

Introduces Navy spouses to the COMPASS concept and welcomes spouses to the Navy family. “The COMPASS Experience” is compared to a trip to a foreign country. When spouses are aware of the resources available to them, their journey will be enjoyable and successful. 


Section 2 – US Navy Organization, History, and Tradition

Provides historical insights and discusses the Navy’s traditions. Outlines the Navy structure and its mission. Talks about the Navy’s core values and provides some insight into the Navy’s culture. 


Section 3 – Navigating the Maze – Benefits and Services 

Provides an overview of benefits, privileges, and resources available to Navy families. Discusses the role of the Chaplain and command Ombudsman. Introduces the skills new spouses will need as they prepare to meet the challenges of Navy life.


Section 4- I$ That All There I$ - Personal Finances 

Introduces pays and allowances. Explains specific sections of an LES. Emphasizes the importance of responsible financial management, with recommendations for resources of assistance for fiscal responsibility. 


Section 5 Changing Ports – Moving in the Navy 

Discusses the challenges of moving often. Talks about types of moves, preparation for moving, resources, entitlements, and base housing.


Section 6 Local Insights- Exploring your Community

Discusses the importance of becoming involved in some small way in your community, whether inside or outside the gate. It also talks about what local opportunities are available in volunteering, education, travel, sports, museums, etc. Each team location will afford different resources and opportunities.


Section 7 -Anchors Aweigh – Dealing with Deployment

Discusses the inevitable separations Navy families experience and provides suggestions from experienced spouses on how to successfully balance responsibilities when a spouse’s Sailor is away. Covers the pre-deployment brief, the role of the command Ombudsman, and the emotional cycle deployment.


Section 8 – Getting Along - Healthy Communications

Presented by a Chaplain, this section discusses communication, conflict, and focusing on healthy interaction with others. 


Section 9- Bon Voyage and Celebration- The Journey Begins

Sums up the COMPASS journey and encourages participants to continue developing their knowledge and skills to pass on to other new spouses. COMPASS closes with the celebration of the journey ahead. Certificates and tote bags are presented. 


Section 10 – Resources – Navy Wide

A compilation of phone numbers, websites, apps, and email addresses for resource and reference.

Course materials are provided free-of-charge, thanks to the generosity of FamilyLine supporters and donors.

New to the Navy?  Check out these additional resources.
  • Anchors Aweigh - If a COMPASS class is not provided in your area, or you are not an active duty spouse, Anchors Aweigh provides spouses, parents and loved ones a brief overview of what to expect of the Navy life.

  • Checklist for New Military Spouses - important information for new military spouses.

  • MyNavy Family App - The first tool by the U.S. Navy developed for Navy spouses and Sailors’ families that combines authoritative information from more than two dozen websites into a single, convenient application.

  • Navy Spouse 101- an online introduction to Navy life. Sign up and search for the course "LWRW 100819".

  • Quick Tips for New Military Spouses - tips to help with military benefits.

  • Social Customs and Traditions - a free publication introducing spouses to Navy traditions and etiquette.

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