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COMPASS Testimonials

Participants were asked to identify their favorite thing about their COMPASS experience: 
  • Although I have been at this duty station for 2 years, I have never felt the support of my ‘Navy family’ until this class. The camaraderie is my favorite part!

  • Mentor friendliness and personal stories and understanding. I don’t like asking for help and tend to be an introvert but the friendliness has given me confidence and encouragement to reach out and do so now, before I need help—and also to reach out to other spouses, as they may need help. I am inspired to be a better neighbor.

  • I enjoyed the section on deployments. It was sombering but helpful; bringing up things to think about and prepare for.

  • Sharing deployment experiences and stories.

  • The general humor and love presented by the Mentors.

  • I loved hearing from all those experienced in the topics they were teaching about.

  • Meeting new faces and connections!

  • Meeting spouses

  • I liked hearing from the seasoned military wives. I don’t get that often. 

  • All the take home resources given to us as well as the welcoming atmosphere.

  • Meeting all of the wonderful women. The conversational style.

  • My favorite thing was getting to meet people and learn about Navy life together.

  • My favorite thing about COMPASS was meeting Mentors and other spouses and knowing I can call/contact them with any questions I ever have about anything.

  • Meeting new people/Navy spouses!

  • Best topic: Deployment—the atmosphere is awesome!

  • Meeting other spouses going through the same thing.

  • I loved the friends that I met and got to know better. I also like hearing the experiences of “seasoned” Navy spouses.

  • Being informed from women who have been there.

  • The ability to feel so welcomed and loved by an amazing group of women! THANK YOU

  • Everyone is awesome. Wonderful group of women. I know we’ll all go from here with at least 1 new friend.

  • I loved hearing personal experiences from each person.

  • All the Mentors—the variety of ladies and backgrounds and experiences

  • All the information I have learned. I plan to share with other wives.

  • All the handouts and tangible information given.

Course materials are provided free-of-charge, thanks to the generosity of FamilyLine supporters and donors.

New to the Navy?  Check out these additional resources.
  • Anchors Aweigh - If a COMPASS class is not provided in your area, or you are not an active duty spouse, Anchors Aweigh provides spouses, parents and loved ones a brief overview of what to expect of the Navy life.

  • Checklist for New Military Spouses - important information for new military spouses.

  • MyNavy Family App - The first tool by the U.S. Navy developed for Navy spouses and Sailors’ families that combines authoritative information from more than two dozen websites into a single, convenient application.

  • Navy Spouse 101- an online introduction to Navy life. Sign up and search for the course "LWRW 100819".

  • Quick Tips for New Military Spouses - tips to help with military benefits.

  • Social Customs and Traditions - a free publication introducing spouses to Navy traditions and etiquette.

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