Command Spouse Courses

The Command Spouse Leadership Course (CSLC) and the Command Master Chief / Chief of the Boat Spouse Leadership Course (CMCSLC) are intense one-week, executive-level courses for spouses of Commanding Officers, Command Master Chiefs, Chiefs of the Boat and Command Senior Chiefs en route to their first command tour. Conceived by Senior Navy Spouses and supported by Naval Services FamilyLine since its inception in 1997, these courses run in conjunction with the Naval Leadership Courses conducted in Newport, RI. Spouses attend on official Department of the Navy orders in conjunction with their active-duty spouses’ orders to attend the Naval Leadership and Ethics Center.

Senior Navy Leadership Spouses provide continuing spouse involvement for the direction and guidance of the course through a CSLC Steering Committee and a CMCSLC Steering Committee. Their involvement helps the course remain aligned with current fleet issues and reflect the perspectives and challenges of command spouse leadership.

The CSLC/CMCSLC provides spouses of soon-to-be COs and CMC/COBs with an in-depth program that enriches their knowledge of the choices and contributions they may make as a Leadership Spouse. Based on personal values and preferences, each spouse develops a personal vision statement and, together with the active duty member, develops a Command Tour Charter.  Additionally, the CSLC/CMCSC course involves dynamic exercises as well as supplemental materials to highlight skills in leadership, management, and communication that will benefit the Command Couple, the command, the command families, and the community that supports the command.  Through the support of the instructors and a mentor team of experienced command spouses, the course addresses some issues likely to arise during the command tour and provides ideas on ways to positively impact the command environment, communication, and support among the command, families, and others.  Topics such as Ombudsman, Family Readiness Groups, support resources, Navy organization, and crisis response are addressed to help prepare the leadership spouse for the command tour.

Through knowledgeable instructors and experienced mentors, the Command Spouse Leadership Course strives to make the command tour a rewarding experience.​

Become a Mentor

Have you thought about sharing your knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm for being a Command or CMC Spouse?  Have you thought about what helped you to survive and enjoy your command or CMC tour; and feel like you can now help the next generation of command or CMC spouses?  If so, the Navy’s Command Spouse Leadership Course (CSLC) or Command Master Chief Spouse Leadership Course (CMCSLC) is for you!  We are actively seeking mentors for this one week course which is offered, on average, once a month during the fiscal year (October-September).  CSLC and CMCSLC operate in conjunction with the active-duty Prospective Commanding Officer course and the Prospective CMC course at the Naval Leadership and Ethics Center.  Mentors for CSLC and CMCSLC do not teach the course; however, they support and encourage CSLC and CMCSLC students with real-life examples of the curriculum, alongside the NLEC instructors.  It is a great opportunity to share your successes, and even mistakes, that happen during the command or CMC tour.  Mentors show that Command and CMC Spouses can truly have a positive impact on the morale and success of the command!

When you come to mentor; you sit through the course each day with the students, get all the updates, plus share your experiences.  Mentoring is so rewarding, and the faculty makes all of your travel arrangements, rental car reservation and preparations for being an excellent mentor.  Please consider joining us for a tremendous opportunity and making a significant contribution to our future Commanding Officer Spouses and CMC Spouses!  Please fill out the appropriate Mentor Intake Form and email the completed form to the CSLC Mentor Liaison at:; and for the CMCSLC Mentor Liaison at:


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