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Guideline Series: Resources

This section is provided for information dissemination purposes only. Naval Services FamilyLine does not officially endorse any of the organizations in the following documents that are non-federal entities. Also, the web addresses included change frequently. All information reflects our best knowledge at the time of publication. We regret any errors.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS)
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The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, is a non-profit, charitable organization that is staffed by nearly 4,343 volunteers, and a small cadre of employees, in offices around the world—ashore and aboard ships.


Since 1904, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) has stood ready to respond to the many financial challenges that face Sailors, Marines, and their families. These include family emergencies, high unemployment among spouses and retirees, the rising cost of living, and even natural disasters.


NMCRS provides:

  • Interest-free loans and grants for unexpected financial emergencies

  • Budget counseling to better manage personal finances

  • Free in-home visits by registered nurses for health issues or concerns

  • Interest-free loans and grants for undergraduate education

  • Thrift Shops offering low cost gently used clothing and household items

  • Budget for Baby classes to help families financially prepare for the birth of a child


NMCRS serves:

  • Active duty and retired Navy and Marine Corps personnel and their eligible family members

  • Eligible family members of Navy and Marine Corps personnel who died on active duty or in a retired status

  • Reservists on extended active duty for 30 days or more

  • Indigent widows and mothers (65 years or older) of deceased service members who have limited resources and no family to provide for their welfare

  • Ex-spouses who have not remarried and whose marriage to a service member lasted for at least 20 years while the service member was on active duty

Eligibility requirements vary for the specific programs. For further questions or to apply for assistance, call 1-800-654-8364 or visit your local NMCRS office. To locate your nearest office, visit


For more information about the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, please visit

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