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Guideline Series: Resources

This section is provided for information dissemination purposes only. Naval Services FamilyLine does not officially endorse any of the organizations in the following documents that are non-federal entities. Also, the web addresses included change frequently. All information reflects our best knowledge at the time of publication. We regret any errors.

Naval Services FamilyLine
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Naval Services FamilyLine is a non-profit organization of Navy family volunteers whose mission is to empower sea service families to meet the challenges of a military lifestyle with information, resources, and mentoring. FamilyLine provides the following courses, workshops, and publications free-of-charge to Navy commands and families.



A team mentoring program developed by spouses for spouses. It is held several times a year in locations worldwide. New Navy spouses may feel as if they are traveling to another country with their own language, customs, traditions, and even the healthcare system. COMPASS is a 12-hour program (presented in three four-hour sessions over three days) that provides spouses with the

knowledge and realistic expectations they need to succeed. COMPASS covers Naval history, customs and traditions; benefits and services; finances; moving; deployment; healthy communication; and exploring your community.

Command Spouse Leadership Course (CSLC)

The Command Spouse Leadership Course (CSLC) and the Command Master Chief Spouse Leadership Course (CMCSLC) are intense one-week, executive-level courses for spouses of Commanding Officers, Command Master Chiefs, Chiefs of the Boat en route to their first command tour. Supported by both Senior Navy Spouses and Naval Services FamilyLine spouse mentors and

steering committees, these courses run in conjunction with the Active Duty Naval Leadership Courses conducted in Newport, RI.

Both CSLC and CMCSLC Courses provide spouses of soon-to-be COs and CMC/COBs with an in-depth program to enrich their command tour experience.

Continuum of Resources And Education (CORE)

The Continuum of Education and Resources (CORE) is a world-wide mentoring and education program led by spouses for spouses. Each CORE location hosts several “big idea” workshops, seminars, and events per year designed to address real-time concerns of all spouses at all stages of their spouses’ career.

Anchors Aweigh

Designed to provide spouses, parents, and loved ones a brief overview of what to expect of the Navy life with eight informative sections. Look for this fantastic new educational tool on or on MyNavy Family app.


Sea Legs: A Handbook for Navy Life and Service

Sea Legs contains useful information on matters such as family support services, benefits and privileges, healthcare, social customs and protocol, changing duty stations, and deployments. The Navy’s history, its mission and structure, a naval terms glossary, and a very useful list of resources are also included.

Social Customs and Traditions of the Navy

This book acquaints spouses with social customs, traditions, and organizations that are part of the sea service communities. It also addresses sea service etiquette, entertaining, ceremonies, and attire guidelines.

Are You Ready? Guidelines for Navy Family Emergency Preparedness

This handbook includes valuable information on creating a Family Emergency Plan, completing Emergency Contact Cards, and compiling a Basic Emergency Supply Kit. Additionally, there is detailed information regarding what to do before, during, and after various types of emergency situations.

Guidelines for the Spouses of Commanding Officers and Executive Officers

This book is an invaluable aid in defining the spouse’s role as a member of the Command Support Team. It was written by Navy spouses who have experienced the command tour. This guide is also an excellent supplement to materials provided at the Command Spouse Leadership Course. Guidelines for the Spouses of Command Master Chiefs and Chiefs of the Boat. This book helps to define the important role of the CMC/COB spouse as a member of the Command Support Team. It also includes information relating to deployments, support resources, and emergency guidelines.

Guidelines for the Spouses of Chief Petty Officers

This book is an excellent source of information for spouses of new Chief Petty Officers as they navigate their way through the CPO training season. It offers answers to many common questions and provides guidance on the training season and beyond.

Guidelines for Navy Reserve Families

This guide is designed to provide Reserve members and their families with information that will assist them in preparing for their military lives. It includes helpful material written by personnel from the Fleet and Family Support Program, Navy Reserve Forces Command, and experienced Reserve spouses.

Disclaimer: This publication is offered to you conditioned upon your acceptance without modification of the following terms, conditions, and notices: All content herein is for the user’s convenience and informational purposes only. While such content is believed to be of practical value, neither the Department of the Navy nor Naval Services FamilyLine make any representation as to the suitability, reliability, completeness, or accuracy of the information herein. All information is provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind. The Department of Defense, Naval Services FamilyLine, and their respective employees and volunteers shall have no liability whatsoever for any losses that may occur as a result of applying the information contained herein. Though no license to the intellectual property herein is granted, fair use is encouraged. Thus you may quote or disseminate this document in whole or part with credit to its creators but it shall not be resold or used for advertising or product endorsement purposes. Trademarks appearing herein belong to their respective owners and no affiliation with or sponsorship by such owners is claimed.

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