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Back-to-School Tax Free Weekends!

Back-to-school shopping is here! And whether you are shopping for young kids, college students, or for yourself, it is always nice to save a few dollars. Many states offer special tax-free weekends on school supplies and related items to help make back-to-school shopping a little more manageable for families.

Below is a list of upcoming tax-free weekends, but you may still want to check with your specific state to see if there are any special restrictions.

Arkansas: August 6-7th

Connecticut: August 21-27th

Iowa: August 5-6th

Maryland: August 14-20th

Missouri: August 5-7th

New Mexico: August 5-7th

Ohio: August 5-7th

Oklahoma: August 5-7th

South Carolina: August 5-7th

Texas: August 5-7th

Virginia: August 5-7th

West Virginia: August 5-8th

Happy Shopping!🛒

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