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PCS Purge Benefits & Tips

What are the benefits of purging some items before you PCS?

The biggest reduces your weight limit! Every service member has a certain weight allowance and if your HHGs are over that limit, you have to pay the difference.

Another benefit of purging is it helps you to downsize and free up some space. Every duty station has different BAH and home sizes and by getting rid of some extra stuff, you free up some space (in case your home may be smaller).

If you are selling or renting your home before you move, purging helps to declutter and stage the home for pictures. It creates a great opportunity for potential buyers/renters to see your beautiful home!

Some helpful tips for the "PCS Purge":

1) Find a good balance--don't look at your whole home and think "everything must go!" Pinpoint certain areas that have more clutter than others and start there. Then move onto other areas that may need some decluttering.

2) Look at your items and give a good think on if it's something you really need or use. Does it make you happy?

3) If you have multiples, get rid of one!

4) Go through closets (of everyone in the home) and get rid of clothes that don't fit, you never wear and ones that need to be updated.

Learn more tips and tricks like these in one of our Virtual COMPASS Sessions!

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