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Navy League Service Spouse Series: AMA with Mrs. Gilday

Naval Services FamilyLine's partner, The Navy League of the United States, is hosting their first Active-Duty Service Spouses Webinar on Jan. 28, 2021! This webinar is part of an upcoming series from The Navy League catering to sea service spouses to share resources and support from their organization.

This will be a moderated conversation with Mrs. Gilday, spouse of the Chief of Naval Operations, and Michelle Norman, 2019 AFI Navy Spouse of the Year/2020 Heroes at Home Military Spouse of Year - Hampton Roads. Mrs. Gilday will share how she balances her time with work and children, all while being a Navy spouse.

Be sure to register ASAP and you can submit questions beforehand to this email:

Click here to register:

We hope you all will enjoy the first of this great webinar series!

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