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Valentine's Day-Tips to Thrive While Your Loved One Is Away

For many military spouses, Valentine’s Day can be one of those tough deployment moments. You are sailing through like a champ and then suddenly your social media feed feels full of happy couples sharing romantic moments that make Hallmark Movies seem amateur and the reality that you are “alone” hits hard. So what is a military spouse to do? Thankfully the internet doesn’t just provide us with moments to envy but ideas to embrace! Naval Services FamilyLine has gathered a few ideas to help you cruise through the heart holiday moments with grace!

Remember the Reunion!! Keep your eyes on the prize - homecoming will arrive, so plan a romantic dinner or another special way to celebrate once your special someone gets home.

Celebrate with other loved ones! Children love Valentine’s Day - anything celebrated with sweets and a craft makes children happy. If you don’t have children, set up a virtual gathering with family or friends - put on something red and let them know they are loved.

Send a care package! Even if it won’t arrive on time, your service member will surely enjoy getting a package or even a letter filled with LOVE from home!

Indulge yourself with something you love! A long hot bath with bubbles, a decadent dessert, or a movie marathon of romantic comedies or action-adventure! Doing anything that rejuvenates your soul is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day!

A quick internet search or visit to Pinterest is a great way to find more ideas and specific ways you can make Valentine’s Day special even during deployment!

However you choose to celebrate, we hope you feel loved and know that Naval Services FamilyLine has the resources you need to live this best life!

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