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FY-21 CPO Selectee Spouse Conference Videos and Handouts

Naval Services FamilyLine's CORE Hampton Roads program, in partnership with Navy League of the United States, Navy League of Hampton Roads, and US Fleet Forces Command, presents the FY-21 CPO Selectee Spouse Conference.

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Take the VIA Character Strengths Survey prior to viewing Part 3. Character strengths will be discussed in this section. Please click the survey link:

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Video Links

Part 1: Opening Remarks - Introduction by Mike Stevens, 13th Master Chief Petty Officer, USN retired; congratulations from Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Mike Gilday and his wife, Mrs. Linda Gilday.

Part 2: Spouse Pride and Professionalism presented by Master Chief Suz Whitman, USN retired.

Part 3: You: The Year of the Unknown presented by Mrs. Jacey Eckhart.

Part 4: Parade of Uniforms.

Part 5: CPO Pay and Benefits Brief presented by Command Master Chief Toby Ruiz.

Part 6: Senior Enlisted Sustainment presented by Chief Heather Hagan.

Part 7: Life as a Navy Chief Spouse presented by Mrs. Kim O'Rawe, spouse of Fleet Master Chief Rick O'Rawe.

Part 8: Panel Q&A

Moderator: Mike Stevens, 13th Master Chief Petty Officer, USN Retired,

Speakers: Fleet Master Chief Rick O'Rawe, Mrs. Kim O'Rawe, Command Master Chief Alicia Kirkland.

CORE Hampton Roads Team Lead: Meredith Shafley

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