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National Make a Friend Day

Happy National Make a Friend Day!

One of the many benefits of being in the military family are the people you get to meet, from all over the world! Moving from duty station to duty station, it can be hard to make friends. But, once you do, you have a bond that will last forever (even if you're miles apart).

There are lots of ways to meet people--fellow military spouse Sasha T. says, "Clubs - book clubs, walking clubs, cooking clubs, you name it! When I moved to Maryland the first thing I did was look for the closest gym, the closest book club and then I take to social media to find local volunteer opportunities and events in the area!"

Kate D. says, "I've met some of my dearest, lifelong friends at Command events. It's a great way to meet people with similar backgrounds. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and have a good time! Volunteering is also a great way to meet people. You share a passion for helping others and that connection is unbreakable."

What are some ways you have met your friends? Share in the comments!!

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