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National Library Day

It is National Library Day! Did you know Navy MWR has a digital library? Check out the important information below about the recent changes!

**Important Update**

The RBdigital MWR Library ebook and audiobook collection was removed from the RBdigital site Jan. 14 and moved to the MWR OverDrive. Your RBdigital account can still be used to access Great Courses, ArtistWorks, magazines, and comics on the Navy MWR RBdigital site or app. If you do not have a Navy MWR OverDrive and would like to register, please see the following registration instructions.

If you have an OverDrive account and have not updated your password since Jan 4, please go to the sign-in page and use the "Password Help" link to reach the new EOS MWR account management system. Do not "reset" password. Initially, your email is the password. When prompted, enter your email as the "old password" and make a new password (8 character minimum). The accounts had to be moved to support the site upgrade needed to accommodate the RBdigital books. Later in 2021, the DoD RBdigital collection and Navy collection will merge into, but you will be able to sign in with your existing OverDrive account.

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