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PCS Move Tips

PCSing can be stressful, but with the right mindset and these few tips, it can be A LOT easier.

1) Use trash bags as garment bags for your closet hanger clothes. They help contain the clothes that will inevitably fall off the hanger in the box and makes for easy unpacking!

2) Label your boxes after the packers are done. When you get to your next duty station, it makes it easy to tell the movers where the box goes.

3) Place all of your loose kitchen items (or any other items in your home) in ziplock bags. The packers will place the bag in a box and nothing will be scattered and/or lost in the paper pile.

4) Make checklists and timelines for what you need to do and when. This helps you to stay organized and ensure nothing important is missed.

5) Bag up linens and pillows. It helps to keep them clean and organized.

6) To keep your dressers organized, place the clothing in bags. This helps to ensure your clothes stay in the dresser and makes for easy unpacking.

Learn more tips and tricks in one of our Virtual COMPASS Sessions! Sign up today and be prepared for your next PCS!

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