International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women's Day, we are highlighting one of the strong women who worked together to create Naval Services FamilyLine. While living in Washington, DC with her active-duty husband, Sandy Nygaard was asked by the head of the Navy's Retention Study Group to investigate reasons for the poor retention of experienced Navy personnel. Her conclusion was that Navy wives were unhappy with their treatment by the Navy and were convincing their husbands to leave the service. After briefing both the Chief of Naval Operations and Secretary of the Navy on the reasons for and her proposed solution to the retention problem, she helped found the Navy Wifeline Association and served as its Executive Secretary, co-director, and as a member of the Advisory Board. In addition to her work with WifeLine, she was an artist, a businesswoman, and a mentor to many women in both those fields. Sandy and many other strong Navy Spouses like her have volunteered with Naval Services FamilyLine to ensure that spouses have the information they need to access the many resources and benefits available to live their best lives!

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