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Career Tips for Military Spouses

Looking for a new career as a military spouse or job searching after you PCS can be stressful. Our COMPASS classes encourage you to hit the ground running with a positive attitude, right mindset and some great tips in your back pocket to land that dream job. Here are just a few:

1) Be curious. Ask questions. Talk to people you meet about their work, how they found their jobs and the advantages and drawbacks they see in their fields.

2) Remain flexible. Even though you've developed a clear vision about where you're going and how you'll get there, be ready to change direction if a unique opportunity comes along.

3) Network. Most people find their jobs through informal contacts. Prepare a short "commercial" about your goals and then involve everyone you know in your job search.

4) Toss the tunnel vision. Consider jobs you've never done. Look outside your comfort zone for jobs to help you stretch your abilities Identify transferable skills and practice describing them to an employer.

Want to learn more? Visit our website today to register for a Virtual COMPASS class and receive more tips and tricks like these!

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