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Identity Theft--Ways to Protect Your Information so the Leprechaun Won't Steal It!

Identity theft is a crime in which an imposter obtains key pieces of your personal information, such as your Social Security Number or driver's license number, and uses it for his or her own personal gain. People whose identities have been stolen can spend months or years -- and their hard earned money -- cleaning up the mess thieves have made of their good name and credit record.

The Federal Trade Commission has a website that will provide you with tools and resources to protect you from identity theft or help you if your identity has been stolen:

Here are some ways you can protect your information:

  • Read your credit reports, bank, credit card, and account statements

  • Shred all documents that show personal, financial, and medical information

  • Don't respond to email, text, and phone messages that ask for personal information

  • Create passwords that mix letters, numbers, and special characters

  • Don't over share on social media. If you post too much information about yourself, a thief can use it to answer "challenge" questions on your accounts.

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