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National Volunteer Week!

Naval Services FamilyLine is an all volunteer force of spouses looking to support, mentor, educate, and enrich the lives of Sea Services spouses across the globe. With so many spouses in so many locations it falls on our Amazing Volunteer Coordinator Betty Kamp to track our volunteer hours, maintain our volunteer handbook and mail out the nearly 500 certificates of appreciation each spring! We want to share a little more about Betty and why she so eagerly gives of her time to help our organization!

Betty grew up up in the D.C. area and was happy to come back here after almost 28 years traveling as a Navy Spouse. She enjoys giving back to the Navy community and also her local community through volunteering. Locally, through volunteering in schools at different duty stations and now through supporting Arlington Food Bank. According to Betty one of the most wonderful organizations she has been volunteering with in the Navy community is Naval Services FamilyLine.

According to Betty "Naval Services FamilyLine fills a very important need in keeping Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard families connected and informed, even when living distantly from a base or because of covid. We have transitioned in this time of social distancing to online classes which can be linked to the respective families throughout the world."

She believes volunteering to help others is an amazing opportunity and is thankful to have even more time for, now that her children have become adults.

Naval Services FamilyLine is so thankful for Betty and all our Volunteers who give so much to our Sea Service spouses and families!

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