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Volunteer Highlight-Mallory Lushenko

Naval Services FamilyLine has so many wonderful volunteers and today we are excited to highlight Mallory Lushenko!! Mallory serves as the Admin for Naval Services FamilyLine’s Continuum of Resources and Education (CORE) program. She has been a Navy spouse for 11 years but her understanding of the military lifestyle began early as a Navy junior. Mallory has used volunteering as a key way to connect with others and plug into new communities following each PCS. Beyond learning new and refining old skills, volunteer work has helped give Mallory purpose and meaning in a lifestyle where spouses often encounter obstacles relating to traditional employment opportunities. She has had the tremendous privilege of learning from and being mentored by outstanding Navy spouses and she feels it is her duty to repay that favor by investing back into the sea services community. The military is not immune to fast paced changes in our environment and lifestyle. The CORE program aims to provide updated and relevant information as well as resources to sea service spouses and families so they can meet the unique challenges faced during all phases of a service member’s career, it is a goal she and the program share. She looks forward to continuing to serve our amazing sea services families by helping to provide them with education opportunities and resources to remain well informed and resilient.

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