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ID Cards & DEERS

Before being able to take advantage of the variety of benefits available -- medical care, commissary, exchange and recreation privileges, your Sailor and any eligible family members must be enrolled in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). All service members are automatically enrolled but sponsors must register eligible family members.

To enroll a family member in DEERS, you will need to visit your closest RAPIDS location and bring the necessary documentation to prove eligibility for DEERS. You can schedule an appointment online at:

Once enrolled in DEERS, the next step is to obtain your ID card. You'll need to bring the necessary documents, 1) DoD Form 1172 2) Spouses: Marriage certificate, birth certificate, SS Card, photo ID Children: Birth certificate, SS card.

The RAPIDS offices are located on any active duty military base or post. Though some names may vary location-to-location -- Pass & ID or ID Card Center, their duties remain the same.

Navigating the maze of benefits and resources can be tricky. Let experienced Navy spouses help guide you! Sign up for a Virtual COMPASS session today!!

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