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National Pack Rat Day--Decluttering for a PCS

It is National Pack Rat Day!

We all have household items that we hold onto, some for sentimental reasons others just because. When you PCS, it is important to be organized (and stay under your weight limit!). A great way to organize is to declutter your items. Large totes are great for sorting items and they are easy to label. They hold up well during a move too!

Collect all the items in your home that you don't use or want anymore and have yard sale. If it doesn't make you happy anymore, get rid of it! Post the items to a local buy/sell/trade page or curb alert them. This is a great way to downsize and pay it forward at the same time.

Before your packers come, bag up all loose items and bag up clothes on hangers. This is a great way to keep your items clean and safe from scattering all over. It's easy to see what you have and what you actually use when you go through and bag everything up. Plus when you get to your new home, unpacking is a breeze!

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