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Fleet and Family Support Program: Deployment Readiness

Are you concerned about how you and your family will adjust during periods of separation? The Fleet and Family Support Program plays a key role in the preparation process by assisting in getting crew and family members ready for each phase of deployment.

Pre-deployment: Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSCs) assist Sailors and their families in understanding and coping with the demands associated with the Navy lifestyle, especially with increased frequency of deployments, with the goal of improving readiness.

During deployment: FFSCs focus on families during deployments and offer empowering programs and services.

Return & Reunion: Reunions may be more challenging than anticipated as Sailors and family members adjust to life on shore together again. FFSC offers Hints for a Happy Homecoming, Returning to Children, and Returning to Children: Strategies for Single Parents.

Reintegration: Establishing a "new normal" can take several months or more. FFSC offers resources to help families renegotiate roles and responsibilities, communicate with your children, and maintain resiliency and balance.

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