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Beth Weber, Chairman- Naval Services FamilyLine

July 7, 2021

To Our Sea Serving Families and Volunteers,

On behalf of Naval Services FamilyLine, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Junifer Thomas as she embarks on new adventures in Yokosuka, Japan. She assumed the role of Naval Services FamilyLine Chairman during truly unprecedented times and conditions that COVID-19 brought us. Junifer stood right alongside the FamilyLine team as we ventured into the virtual world of online education and spouse-to-spouse mentoring and succeeded in every endeavor. We are all thankful for her determined and compassionate leadership that ensured a steady course for FamilyLine over the past 18 months.

It is an incredible honor to be selected to serve as the Chairman of Naval Services FamilyLine. My connection with FamilyLine began about ten years ago with a COMPASS class at the Navy Yard, the home of FamilyLine. I had recently retired from the Navy, and we had experienced a particularly challenging PCS in the middle of winter. The class's three-day combination of education, resources, and spouse-to-spouse mentoring was personally transformative. Many of those invaluable relationships that I formed in the COMPASS course remain with me today. Because of this initial connection and experience, I continued to volunteer in various capacities and roles within FamilyLine: Publications, COMPASS Mentor and Team Lead, Field Area Rep, CORE San Diego Team Lead then Advisor, and most recently the Director of the Naval Spouse Leadership Course Steering Committee. Over the past decade, I have been supported and enriched with educational insights, leadership opportunities, and life-long friendships developed through my association with FamilyLine!

FamilyLine is a small but mighty all-volunteer non-profit which for 55 years, has stood the watch for Navy Spouses and families around the globe. To ensure success for the upcoming years and beyond, the board members and I believe it is vital to review our historical strategy thoughtfully. We must clearly define relevant future needs and determine specific objectives required to be a modern non-profit. To begin this journey, we launched our strategic planning process and are calling on you, our team, to play a pivotal role in this upcoming transformation. The week of July 12th, be on the lookout for our FamilyLine survey. Please honestly complete and submit the survey and then forward it on to your Navy friends. We promise to provide you with updates on the strategic planning journey!

I always welcome your thoughts, insights, ideas, encouragement, and concerns. You can reach me at:

With Gratitude,

Beth W. Weber

Chairman, Naval Services FamilyLine

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