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Throwback Thursday-Navy Wifeline Newspaper Covers

Naval Services FamilyLine, formerly known as the Navy Wifeline Association, was established in 1965 by a group of Navy wives who wanted to form a channel of communication for all Navy spouses. The aim was to provide an introduction to Navy life and increase the spouses' understanding of the Navy's mission. This dedicated group established an office at the Washington Navy Yard and began publishing a quarterly newspaper. These Navy wives had the foresight to see the need for spouse and family support and provided the groundwork for what has developed into a worldwide family support network.

With the support of the Chief of Naval Operations (Family Framework Version 2.0) and Navy leadership, along with the financial support of the Navy League, Spouses Clubs worldwide, and other Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard organizations, Naval Services FamilyLine has continued to grow and flourish, now providing 11 publications and spouse mentoring courses across the globe.

For this #tbt, enjoy some of the covers from the Navy Wifeline newspaper. Our historian, Kristi is amazing at preserving our history and artifacts!

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