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Allotments are a definite portion of a member's pay and allowances, and are authorized to be made payable to a qualified person or institution. Some allotments can have an indefinite time frame, while others can have a specified time frame. Discretionary and Non-Discretionary are two types of allotments.

Discretionary: These allotments are made to a specified individual or institution. Members are authorized no more than six discretionary allotments. Types of authorized discretionary allotments include:

-payments of premiums for insurance

-support to dependents or other relatives, spouse or former spouse

-payment of mortgage or rent for real property

-deposits into the Savings Deposit Program

Non-Discretionary: These allotments are made to a specifically designated agency or purpose. There is no limit to the number of non-discretionary allotments a member can have at any given time. Non-discretionary allotments are limited to:

-U.S. savings bonds

-Relief Repayments (NMCRS, Red Cross)

-charitable contributions

-privatized housing payments

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