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We LOVE Our Volunteers!

Naval Services FamilyLine Thanks our nearly 500 volunteers for all the hours of service you give to Sea Service Spouses.

In May of every year, Naval Services FamilyLine normally hosts an appreciation luncheon for all our volunteers in the DC area and mails hundreds of certificates of appreciation to others stationed around the globe. This year, with COVID-19 making in-person gatherings impossible, 100% of those certificates had to be mailed, no small task in a normal year but an even larger one this year.

Betty Kamp, NSFL’s Volunteer Coordinator, made the task look easy! Naval Services FamilyLine Volunteers are made up of active duty, reserve, and retiree spouses who last year alone volunteered over 46,000 hours; leading our COMPASS, CORE, and Command Spouses Courses, providing resources and education, as well as mentorship and community building both in person and virtually - we’ve all gotten much better at ZOOM! This roughly translates to a value of over $1,000,000 in salary costs - so when we say Naval Services FamilyLine is run for Sea Services Spouses by Sea Services Spouses we really mean it! In fact, NSFL has no paid employees and is made up entirely of volunteers. So THANK YOU! to all our Amazing Volunteers we couldn’t do this without you.

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