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National Simplify Your Life Week

Today is the start of “National Simplify Your Life Week”. News like this may make you go “YAY!” or “UGH!” depending on your personality. I’m one of those people who dream of perfect plans, always knowing where my keys are, and never misplacing an important email - but the reality is life is busy, messy, and my spice cabinet will never stay organized. Which is why I am so happy to tell you about the “My Navy Family” App! It is a one stop shop for SO MUCH information on this Navy life. Whether you are a new Navy spouse or getting ready to transition out of the service this App has you covered. The App covers Navy life milestone events such as PCSing, job hunting, deployment, parenthood, and education. “My Navy Family” was developed by the US Navy in conjunction with Navy Spouses - including a team of Naval Services FamilyLine volunteers - and combines information from over 2 dozen websites into a single, convenient application.

One thing I love about the App is a very convenient search tool which allows for quick access to both information with hyperlinks to help you find what you are looking for. It is also updated regularly. For example, there is a link in the Emergencies Section to the latest information on the Navy and COVID 19, and it even has a section for parents and other family members of Sailors.

So if you are like me and looking for a tool that will make this Navy adventure a little simpler to navigate, download the My Navy Family App today - maybe it will give you just a little more time in your life to reorganize that spice cabinet!

Judy Huffman

Naval Services FamilyLine

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