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When I was a young person growing up, my father taught me how to use a compass. He promised I would never be truly lost if I used a compass to navigate in the right direction. Naval Services FamilyLine has its own compass - in fact, it's called COMPASS! Experienced spouse mentors help new (and not so new) spouses learn to navigate this Navy life. With topics such as moving, deployment, benefits, and others, COMPASS will launch you successfully into the adventure!!!

Virtual COMPASS sessions are starting in September. They are still presented in local areas, as they were in-person. Some of our presentations include local area resources, and we want to give participants the ability to network with other spouses in the same location.

Check out our current schedule at Teams are still updating their schedules, so keep checking back if you don't see anything for your area yet.

Judy Huffman

Naval Services FamilyLine

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