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September 2020 Chairman Statement

To all our incredible volunteers, sea serving spouses and families,

As our summer comes to an end and we enter our 6th month fighting this pandemic which continues to plague our world…we usher in the month of September with reasons to stay hopeful and maintain a positive outlook.

We are all experiencing unprecedented challenges this year. We have had to adapt and figure out a new normal. I am happy to share that Naval Services FamilyLine is doing an incredible job getting our programs out there “virtually” to all who seek and need it.

Our COMPASS teams have been working hard to translate our in-person sessions to virtual formats. They have held multiple training and practice sessions and are about to launch their first virtual sessions this month in Mayport, San Diego, Annapolis, and Norfolk. Our CORE teams, partnering with the Navy League of the United States, are busy collaborating and planning on presenting relevant topics…such as a workshop on the Exceptional Family Member Program, and a webinar for Chief Petty Officer spouses prior to Chief Selectee season. We are also working diligently to develop a platform to provide our Anchors Aweigh program in a classroom setting. Lots of great things to look forward to, and I cannot be more proud to work alongside these incredible volunteers making it all happen.

Volunteers contribute out of the kindness of their heart with little compensation other than personal satisfaction in return. I would also like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to all our Ombudsmen out there. September is the month we celebrate your dedication and service in helping the families and sailors of your respective commands. Working towards our shared goal to be a resource, advocate and support for our sea serving spouses and families…Naval Services FamilyLine applauds and appreciates all that our Ombudsmen do!

Despite how COVID19 continues to challenge us, please try to maintain a positive vision. Even though an end to this virus is uncertain and our daily situation remains fluid, remember you are never alone. You can find valuable resources through our website and through the MyNavy Family App.

Naval Services FamilyLine stands by you and is determined to help you succeed in and enjoy your military life journey.


Junifer Thomas

Chairman, Naval Services FamilyLine

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