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Ombudsman Appreciation Day!!

Today is Ombudsman Appreciation Day! It is a day for us to show our appreciation to command Ombudsmen for their dedication to supporting our Navy and its families. What better way to show our appreciation than to highlight one of our own Ombudsman volunteers, Kursten Nash!

Kursten has been part of our COMPASS program for two years and has been an Ombudsman for her sailors command for about two years as well. She originally started volunteering with FamilyLine because a friend encouraged her to join a COMPASS session. She really liked the concept of spouses helping spouses grow and learn so she decided to volunteer.

When we asked her Why FamilyLine?, this is what she told us: "This organization offers so many opportunities for spouses to come together to help each not only bond but learn from each other! To lean on one another in times in our lives that can be really trying and difficult and having people there that truly understand us is a great feeling!"

Thank you, Kursten for all that you do!

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