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Spotlight: Navy Chaplains

The Navy Chaplain Corps is made up of over 800 Navy Chaplains. Chaplains confirm more than 100 different faith groups currently represented (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and many others). Each Chaplain is also a Navy Officer – meaning each holds an important leadership role.

Navy Chaplains offer everything from faith leadership to personal advice to much-needed solace. They are a source of information within the Navy system and can offer privileged communications and speak to individuals without fear of information having to be reported up the chain of command or to legal authorities. Navy Chaplains are a great source of support when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. They even can provide information on retreats, seminars and events designed for individual and family resiliency.

The Chaplain Mission:

• Provide religious ministry and support to those of their own faith • Facilitate the religious requirements of those from all faiths • Care for all servicemembers and their families, including those subscribing to no specific faith • Advise the command to ensure the free exercise of religion

Visit the Navy Chaplain Corps website for more info!

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