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Throwback Thursday-NSFL History

History of Naval Services FamilyLine

In 1965, a group of Navy wives wanted to establish an organization that would reach and support Navy spouses in remote locations. From that initiative, the Navy WifeLine Association was born. Working out of a small office on the Washington Navy yard, this dedicated group of women began publishing a quarterly newspaper and providing vital information and assistance to spouses relocating overseas. From this small vision, they built the groundwork for what would develop into a worldwide family support network. Despite only being 5 years old when the Ombudsman program was established in 1970, the Chairman of Navy WifeLine was appointed to serve as the Navy-wide Family Ombudsman-at-Large by the Chief of Naval Operations and continued to serve in that position until 2007. The Association and its mission continued to expand and develop and in September of 1999, the name was changed to Naval Services FamilyLine to reflect the changes in today’s sea services. With the support of Navy leadership, along with the financial support of the Navy League, military spouses’ clubs worldwide, and other organizations, Naval Services FamilyLine has continued to grow and flourish.

We currently have 8 Guideline Series Publications, COMPASS and CORE programs, NSLEC (Naval Spouse Leadership and Ethics Course), in addition to Anchors Aweigh, an online resource for new spouses. As we follow the legacy of those Navy spouses 55 years ago, Naval Services FamilyLine seeks to embrace the rapidly changing world we live in and to accomplish our mission to “empower sea service families to meet the challenges of a military lifestyle with information, resources, and mentoring”. This mission continues to drive a dedicated group of volunteers around the world to deliver high quality publications and courses to the sea service spouse community.

Please visit our website to download our Publications, explore our Courses, and connect with Naval Services FamilyLine Volunteers. Don’t forget to download the MyNavy Family App for even more great resources!

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