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OPSEC (Operational Security) - is the process of protecting information (usually unclassified) that could be used by our enemies to harm any assets important to our nation's and allies well being, safety and continued way of life.

It is important to practice OPSEC at all times--both on and offline.

What is proper OPSEC?

-Not having a predictable behavior.

-Watching what we say in casual conversations.

-Not broadcasting personal or professional information for everyone to see on Facebook, Instagram or other social networking web sites.

-Remembering that just because we can't see those who are listening doesn't mean they aren't.

Everyone holds a piece of the OPSEC puzzle, safe guard it at all times!

For more information--

Download the OPSEC App from MyNavy App Locker at:!/apps/5A445CE2-11B5-47FF-A414-9A2EA935427C

This app consolidates all relevant DoN OPSEC policies, references, tools and training aids into one easy app!

ref: CNIC-NAS Jacksonville Security Manager

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