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A Personally Procured Move (PPM or DITY-Do It Yourself) is when the member decides to personally move their household items instead of using a government provided mover. All of the packing, wrapping, loading & shipping is done by you. This is only for a CONUS move! You still need to set the move up in DPS so you can receive your calculated estimated incentive payment.

A HHG (Household Goods) move is when the government schedules a mover to pack/unpack and ship all of your items. This is done through local moving companies as well as larger contracts. You may not have a choice in the company the government chooses. Other than setting up the move in DPS, everything is done for you.

You can do both a Partial PPM and a HHG type move. Typically, this occurs when you want to use your personal vehicle to ship household items as you move from one duty station to the next. This type of move will require full/empty weight tickets of the vehicle. Be sure to contact your local personal property office to understand your entitlements.

Please visit to learn more about moving and what you need to do to be prepared!

The ultimate source of information is found in the JTR (Joint Travel Regulations). Here is where you will find ALL of your entitlements. This is the policy and law on travel and transportation allowances.

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