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Volunteer Spotlight- Jenna Lang

Meet Jenna! Jenna Lang is currently serving as the Deputy Director for the Commanding Officer side of the Naval Spouse Leaders Course Steering Committee (NSLCSC) but that title hardly begins to describe the time and talent that she brings to NSLCSC and Naval Services FamilyLine! In addition to the Deputy position, she served as the Southwest Regional Representative and has given countless hours as both an in-person and virtual mentor sharing her many years of experience with spouses before, during, and after the command tour. Jenna started her Navy journey as a Surface Warfare Officer and after transitioning from active duty, she has worked tirelessly as a Command Support Team spouse and believes passionately in the idea that engaged leadership spouses positively influence the command and command families. As Deputy, Jenna brings her amazing attention to detail and energy to the Steering Committee that enables us and Naval Services FamilyLine to bring the best to Leadership Spouses across the Navy Community!

Thank you, Jenna for all that you do!

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