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National Get Smart About Your Credit Day

Today is National Get Smart About Your Credit Day! The Fleet and Family Support Program offers many different resources to help you with your finances including one-on-one consultations. Just call your local Fleet and Family Support Center for appointments. They also have a variety of financial classes available!

You can find all of the financial assistance classes here:

A special website is available at, where consumers can request, view and print their free credit report. This is the only authorized website to request your free report. The report is also available by calling toll free at 877-322-8228, or by writing to Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281.

Consumer credit is a powerful financial tool, if you use it properly. However, you cannot use credit to live beyond your means. Financial experts estimate that for every person who files for bankruptcy, 20 others are on the brink. Your CFS, the financial counselor at your local FFSC or a Military OneSource consultant can provide information on the use and abuse of credit. They can also assist you in understanding your credit report and credit rating. Contact them for details.

-Sea Legs: A Handbook for Navy Life and Service

A publication by Naval Services FamilyLine

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