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Meet Michelle!

Meet Michelle! Michelle has been an integral part of the COMPASS program and Naval Services FamilyLine for 15 years! We appreciate ALL of the time, effort, and dedication to empowering fellow spouses she continues to give. When asked "Why FamilyLine"? Michelle responded: "I have been an active volunteer for Naval Services FamilyLine's COMPASS program since 2006. Once I went through the program, I was hooked and found a way to continue to serve all these years. I have worn many hats for both COMPASS and the Naval Services FamilyLine Board, but my favorite has always been supporting the COMPASS Teams. I wouldn't call what I do volunteering. It is a calling that is now just a part of my daily life. I watched my mom struggle as a Marine Corps spouse, and then I went through it too. I thought it would be easier being a veteran myself, but nothing prepared me for being dropped off with my newborn son, somewhere new, without friends, family, resources, or even my spouse. I knew what to do as Navy Sailor, but I didn't know what to do as a military spouse. I learned things the hard way. When I attended COMPASS, I knew I had to help make others' lives easier."

Thank you, Michelle, for all that you do!

Today, YOU are the one who can make a difference, so please consider making a donation to ensure that we are able continue our mission to help sea service families.

55+1 Birthday Campaign | Naval Services FamilyLine

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