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Common Questions & Answers

Do you have a question about something you heard or read about? Here are some common questions asked with answers!

Q: What is scuttlebutt?

A: Slang for gossip or rumors.

Q: Why is a ship referred to as "she"?

A: Early seafarers spoke of their ships in the feminine gender for the close dependence they had on their ships for life and sustenance.

Q: What is a ditty bag?

A: A ditty bag contains a Sailor's personal items. (It was originally called a ditto bag because it contained at least two of everything--two needles, two spools of thread, two buttons, etc.)

Q: What is a Shellback and a Pollywog?

A: A Sailor who has crossed the equator on a Navy vessel and has been initiated is called a Shellback. A Sailor who has not crossed the equator is a Pollywog.

Q: What is a wardroom?

A: The wardroom aboard a ship is where officers take their meals, relax, and socialize.

Q: What is Geedunk?

A: To most Sailors the word geedunk means ice cream, candy, potato chips and other assorted snacks, or even the place where they can be purchased.

If you have more questions, please join us for one of our virtual COMPASS sessions to learn more from fellow spouses and get those questions answered!

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