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It is time for a little FamilyLine Fun Fact Friday!

Our organization was created in 1965 with a mission to support Navy spouses and their families. To do this, they created a quarterly newsletter that was distributed around the country. These newsletters contained valuable resources and information for that era, and this issue from Spring 1966 included a special letter from the CNO, Admiral David L. McDonald commending these women for their work.

While we have tried our best to preserve these documents, some do not read as well as others. Please see below the transcribed letter from Admiral McDonald.

"'Never underestimate the power of a woman' is a slogan which the advertising industry has eagerly snapped up as though it were a startling new revelation. Any husband could have told them this is not really news; we've known it all along. The Navy has been aware for some time that the influence of a Navy man's wife is more often than not the governing factor on whether the man remains in or leaves the service. Lacking the means to compete on an equal footing, we have often failed to successfully enlist the wife's support and, hence, failed to re-enlist her husband.

The new venture being launched here, WIFELINE, is not being launched by the Navy itself, but its aims are very much of interest to the Navy. With the help of this publication, perhaps it will be possible to better inform Navy wives of the developments within the Navy of interest and importance to them. Through the reader service, perhaps it will be possible to provide answers for Navy wives to questions they might be reluctant to ask officials in the Navy. Perhaps also, it will be possible to help Navy wives learn how they may more effectively use their undoubted great influence both individually and collectively.

The initiative of Navy Wives in launching WIFELINE is highly commendable. I can assure you of our interest in and our best wishes for success." - Admiral David L. McDonald

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