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We would like to introduce Meredith Shafley!

Meredith is currently the Team Lead for the CORE Hampton Roads team and she has a deep passion for teaching and mentoring. Her professional career began in an elementary school classroom but her teaching and leadership has long since crossed over into her military life. She has served in important positions such as Family Readiness Group (FRG) Advisor and Northeast Representative and Deputy Director for the Naval Spouse Leadership Course (NSLC) Steering Committee. These leadership roles and her 23 years of military spouse experience have prepared her extremely well for her current role as Team Lead. In January 2021, she successfully coordinated and executed the first ever virtual CPO selectee spouse event, which reached over 350 spouses from around the globe. She, her team, and their partners, Navy League Hampton Roads, Navy League of the United States, and U.S. Fleet Forces, are preparing the global FY-22 CPO Selectee Spouse virtual conference for October 30th; the second CPO selectee spouse conference in one year- a huge undertaking!

We are so proud to have Meredith on our CORE team at Naval Services FamilyLine!

Today, YOU are the one who can make a difference, so please consider making a donation to ensure that we are able to continue our mission to help sea service families.


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