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End of the Year Chairman Statement

Navy spouses, families, and community,

On behalf of the Naval Services FamilyLine (NSFL) Board of Directors, I want to take a proactive pause and reflect on our progress and successes in 2022. First, we must thank our talented crew of 200+ NSFL volunteers dispersed across the country and around the globe. They continue our mission through education, resources, and mentoring within their commands, neighborhoods, communities, and in those invaluable one-on-one personal connections. Additionally, our volunteers utilized their time and energy to enrich our unique NSFL programs (COMPASS, CORE, Naval Spouse Leadership Steering Committee) and resources (Publications, Our Navy Life podcast, and social media presence), which continue to support the Navy family community.

As one of the oldest military nonprofits with 57 years of service, we continuously strive to evolve and meet the Navy community's interests and needs. In February 2022, we developed and approved a bold three-pronged strategic plan. Based on this plan, we updated our mission statement: to empower Naval spouses to navigate the unique challenges of the military lifestyle and ensure their journey is as fulfilling and meaningful as possible. Further, we recommitted to fostering meaningful and trusted connections with fellow Navy spouses to ensure a rewarding and positive Navy experience. No one understands this journey better than a fellow Navy spouse!

We utilized focus group feedback and generous donor funding to start a Navy spouse community podcast. This year six talented volunteers developed Our Navy Life: Connecting the Modern Navy Family podcast which launched on October 13th, the Navy’s 247th Birthday. The 20-40 minute episodes discuss ways to navigate this Navy life together and help define what it means to be a modern Navy family. The podcast supports, connects, and informs listeners when it is most convenient for them, regardless of location or time zone. In the first eight episodes, we covered topics such as food insecurity, mental health and wellness, communication, and housing, plus interviews with Linda Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations spouse, and Evelyn Honea, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy spouse. So, if you are living the Navy life, this podcast is for you!

Additionally, we created a new NSFL Brand Strategy to reflect the needs of current Navy spouses and families. In 2023, look for a fresh and contemporary Naval Services FamilyLine logo and webpage redesign. We continuously seek to deepen our presence and commitment as we look towards the future. If you are able, please consider supporting our continued efforts through a donation to Naval Services FamilyLine via

We are deeply honored to walk alongside and support you and your family in this unique journey. We are incredibly grateful for your continued presence and support – in person and online. On behalf of the NSFL Board of Directors, I wish you and your family a happy New Year filled with joy, inspiration, and meaning!

With gratitude,

Beth W. Weber

Chairman, Naval Services FamilyLine

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