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4th of July Chairman Statement

To all our incredible volunteers, sea serving spouses and families,

Happy 4th of July! Traditionally on this day we celebrate with friends, family, and neighbors our country’s Independence Day -- the day our country adopted an important symbol of liberty, the Declaration of Independence. Our founding fathers wrote this composition with the intent to rally the troops, gain the support of foreign allies and to declare the birth of the United States of America…a nation in which every citizen has the freedom to pursue their happiness and live a good and meaningful life…a freedom secured in large part by the honorable men and women in our armed forces who selflessly and willingly sacrifice to defend it. So today, I hope you join me in celebrating the birth of our great nation, the men and women in uniform, and their spouses and families who continue to fight for what our country stands for.

Usually we celebrate by gathering in large groups for barbeques, parades, and firework shows that would entertain us well into the night. But as we are aware, this is not the usual year. COVID-19 continues to disrupt our days and proves to be a persistent enemy to the daily routines we are accustomed to. Even though some restrictions are beginning to lift, and cities are starting to open, I encourage you to practice public health mitigation measures and to follow guidelines set forth by health officials. If we each continue to do our part, we will get through this stronger and wiser…individually and collectively as a nation.

As a reminder, if you need help to get you through these challenging times, Naval Services FamilyLine is here for you, through our website,, and through the MyNavy Family App. We are also starting to offer virtual Setting Sail courses as well as virtual Command Spouse and Command Master Chief/Chief of the Boat Leadership courses. Our wonderful NS FamilyLine volunteers are also working hard to bring our COMPASS and CORE programs to you virtually. I am proud to be a part of this great team as well as excited about all that we are accomplishing. We are in this fight together!

As the year 2020 reminds us, ours is not a perfect world. But with a common resolve and the perseverance of the collective, nothing is out of the realm of the possible…even the rebirth of a greater nation. I encourage each of you to safely celebrate today. May this day be a symbol of joy, prosperity, and happiness in your lives. God Bless America…the land of the free, because of the brave!


Junifer Thomas

Chairman, Naval Services FamilyLine

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