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April - Month of the Military Child

Updated: May 16, 2020

To All Our Sea Serving Families and Volunteers, The month of April is known as the Month of the Military Child. We officially celebrate and appreciate the thousands of children who do their part in serving our country. They may not wear a uniform or hold rank, and some may not even understand the concept or meaning of serving our country…but they make sacrifices and must endure hardships none-the-less.

Like a dandelion, the official flower that represents them, military children put down roots almost anywhere and bloom everywhere the winds carry them. Without much thought or planning, they are ready to take flight to new adventures, new lands and new friends. Unlike their parent(s) who chose this lifestyle, military children are often born into it with no say in how to live it. But they realize from early on that home is wherever their heart is, that friends can be found from all corners of the world, and that education is not just taught in a classroom but can be learned by living in places that some only read about.

Now, more than ever, with our fight against COVID19, they are showing their resiliency by having to adapt to uncertain times…be it by distant learning, giving up their sports programs, or virtually hanging out with friends and family. They do so more prepared and better equipped to handle the uncertainties because they are military children. They are survivors and they are resilient.

As a mother of three children who experienced eight schools, 19 moves and lived in countless houses they learned to call home, I have seen my kids grow up to become happy, optimistic, contributing young citizens. When asked what the best thing is about being a military child, they all agree it is the opportunities they were given – which outweigh any obstacles they had to endure. I am in awe of their positive perspective on life.

So please join me in helping celebrate our unsung patriotic heroes, also known as our military children. May their ability to accept the unexpected and remain resilient remind and encourage us to stay positive, especially in these uncertain times. Sincerely, Junifer Thomas Chairman, Naval Services FamilyLine

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