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A Reflection by the Naval Services FamilyLine Chairman

As we enter our fourth month of life with COVID-19, I hope this finds you healthy

and hanging in there. We have been and continue to be challenged in the year 2020 -

not only with the concerns about the pandemic, but through the actions of some who

remind us that injustice can and does exist for many. Naval Services FamilyLine stands

united with the nationwide call to end racism and the injustices that impact our country

today. But it is up to us, as individuals, to ensure that it happens. For the past few

months, to stop the spread of COVID-19 we had to condition ourselves to individually do

our part so that collectively we keep our military and our nation safe. It has been

challenging and difficult at times to give up the simple liberties we often take for

granted. But we have seen it happen…in our world, our country and in our personal

life…it can be done. We each must make the choice to make a positive difference, and

collectively we will hopefully see the change our country needs.

The month of June usually marks the start of many beginnings…the beginning of

the next phase in life as our children graduate from high school or college, the beginning

of summer, and for many the beginning of the next chapter in their military journey as

they PCS to their next duty station. But due to the conditions and restrictions we face,

these beginnings are happening unconventionally. We can choose to ruminate on the

disappointments and change in our expectations, or we can choose to acknowledge,

learn, and grow stronger, more resilient from our circumstances. It is up to you as an

individual to choose to see things positively. I understand and acknowledge that

sometimes this can be difficult. You may need added guidance, assurance, and strength

to help you to see the positives. Just know that if you need the extra help to get you

through to the other side of this challenging time, Naval Services FamilyLine is here to

help. Through our website,, and through the MyNavy Family App

you can find the resources that can help as you navigate through your military life’s


With the end of COVID-19 still uncertain, so is the challenges and injustice some

people face in their daily life. But we must maintain a positive outlook someday soon it

will end. Individually we must do our part. Challenge yourself to be and see the positive

change you want and what our country needs.

In closing, I would like to wish all the fathers out there a “Happy Father’s Day,”

especially my father. He made the courageous decision long ago to enlist and join the

United States Navy, that at the time was helping defend his homeland, the Philippines.

Even though he was faced with challenges, he chose to persevere and work hard to

provide an opportunity for his family to thrive in so many positive ways.


Junifer Thomas

Chairman, Naval Services FamilyLine

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