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COVID-19 - Chairman Statement

Updated: May 16, 2020

To All Our Sea Serving Families and Volunteers, In compliance with DOD and CNO policy to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, we are temporarily suspending our person-to-person educational and mentoring sessions, as well as any events or gatherings sponsored by Naval Services FamilyLine until May 2020. This includes all COMPASS, CORE, Command Spouse and Command Master Chief/Chief of the Boat Leadership courses. Though we are planning to suspend our program sessions and events for a couple of months, our understanding of the coronavirus is evolving daily, therefore, we will keep monitoring the guidelines set forth by health officials and adjust our policy accordingly.

These are unprecedented and uncertain times.  I know some argue that the precautions being taken across the country may be an overreaction... but as CNO said in his message to the fleet, "Our #1 concern is the health and safety of our Sailors and their families. For now, we must use an abundance of caution and follow the guidelines of health officials.  America depends upon our military to help provide security and stability to our nation." By following and complying with the precautions set forth above, we will be doing our part to help ensure our military remains that vital force for security. As a reminder, you can still find our valuable resources on our website at .

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support as we weather this storm.  Though we are experiencing uncertain times, I am certain that we will get through this...healthier, stronger and wiser! Sincerely, Junifer Thomas Chairman, Naval Services FamilyLine

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