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Cyber Security Awareness Month

The way we communicate online has changed. Instead of just receiving info, we can participate in a two-way conversation where we share and interact with others. This is especially important to military families as a way to stay connected.

Because of the ease of communication, it is important to remain aware and stay vigilant when online. Here are a few safety tips for you and your children when you are using social networking sites:

1) Never post personal, confidential information (birthday, address, SSN, etc) (PERSEC)

2) Never provide any of this information when signing up for a social networking site.

3) Don't invite people that you don't know to be your "friend".

4) Never share operational information (OPSEC), such as port calls, exercises, and deployments/returning home.

5) Be careful of what type of pictures and comments you post. Lots of people can see and read what you post.

To learn more safety tips and information on OPSEC/PERSEC, we invite you to sign up for a class with our COMPASS program! We have an entire section dedicated to preparing you for success while online (and more)!

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